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Abaco, Treasure Cay and Hope Town, Bahamas
Abaco beaches Bahama Palm Shores
Bahamas Palm Shores

Landscape: Abaco is not only the most affluent and most visited out island for tourists, it is also the most developed. The northern part of the island contains Treasure Cay. A pilot flying over Abaco noticed Treasure Cay and had a vision of building a development around one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Abaco. Although it may be the most visited, most of it's land is not developed. It has many beautiful beaches and rich vegetation. Mainly flat.

80+ offshore cays

The Abaco's include 776 square miles stretching 130 miles from Walker's ca in the North to Hole-In-The-Wall in the south.

Treasure Cay: Ever expanding Treasure Cay is one of the most frequently visited places in Abaco. Although Treasure Cay, is more like a peninsula than a cay. Abaco has it's share of a lot of Cays/Islands and Islets. Treasure Cay has a public golf course, one of the most beautiful beaches in Abaco, many new houses, time share units and condominiums, and many old villas and run down houses. Treasure Cay is ever expanding it's housing and marina. The Cay is self sufficient with it's own grocery store, restaurant, post office, etc. Once you are there, you won't have to leave.

Elbow Cay contains Hope Town: Elbow Cay is the most visited of the Cays with Hope Town as it's main town. The island has no cars (unless you have a working permit) and having a golf cart is a necessity to travel the island. You can catch a ferry in Marsh Harbour to get to Hope Town Cay. Elbow Cay has a beautiful beach with white powdery sand.

Hope Town Cay Abaco Bahamas

Hope Town is famous for it's candy stripped lighthouse. 118 ft high

Marsh Harbour: pop. 4000. Marsh Harbour is now the 3rd largest settlement in the Bahamas. It is not only the capital of Abaco but also the main hub of activity.

New Developments: There is a new golf course development called Abaco Club on Winding Bay on the east side of Abaco. This private development has a guarded gate for its 543 acre peninsula. Each lot has more than 200 feet of beach, golf course or ocean frontage. Priced from $1 to $4 million. The Abaco Club on Winding Bay is managed by the Ritz - Carlton.

Population of Abaco:
13170 (census 2000)

Capital: Marsh Harbour

Language: English

Geography: Abaco lies 200 miles southeast of Nassau, New Providence.

Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time

Currency: The legal tender is the Bahamian dollar (B$1), which is equivalent in value to the US dollar. Both US and Bahamian dollars are accepted interchangeably throughout the islands. Travelers Checks and Credit Cards (credit cards not accepted at gas stations) are also accepted. There are ATM's available at the banks in Abaco.

Economy: This island is the most self sufficient of the Bahamas islands and the most industrious. Fishing and boat building and repair are very popular here as employment as well as serving the tourist industry.

Nationality: Bahamian

Medical: There is one San Salvador Medical Clinic north of Club med.

Entry Requirements: Passports required.

Driving: Bahamian's drive on the left side of the road (remember: right is left). There is one main road that runs all the way around the island.

Electricity: 120/240 volts, suitable for all US appliances.

Medical: There is a medical clinic on the island, There is a little poison oak on the Bahamian islands.

Getting to Abaco
Airports: Three Airports: Marsh Harbour (the main one), Treasure Cay and Walker's Cay. Take American Eagle, Continental Connection and Twin Air also from in from Florida locations.

Mailboats: Mia Desa and Champion II $60 one way.

Where to stay: There are many accommodations in Abaco including small hotels, time shares and villa's. Treasure Cay being the most visited. If you want to get away from it all, Treasure Cay is NOT the place to go. It is lively with activities.

Drinking Water: Most homes have cisterns which collect rain water in a tank underground or above ground when it rains. Most cisterns are made of cement or plastic. It's always good to conserve the use of water when staying in the Bahamas as it can run out if it does not rain for awhile.

Weather in Abaco: Click here for weather in the Bahamas

Highest Point of Abaco: 120 feet

Area (Sq. Miles) of Abaco:: 649 sq. miles

Marinas:Abaco Beach Resort and Boat 190 slips.
Bluff House Beach Hotel and Yacht Club 45 slips.
Conch Inn Marina 75 slips.
Green Turtle Club and Marina 40 slips.
Marsh Harbour Marina 67 slips.
Spanish Cay Marina 81 slips.
Treasure Cay Marina with 150 slips with a max. dept of 12 feet. On shore accommodations such as showers, fuel, shops, restaurant, Laundromat and satellite TV.
Treasure Cay in Abaco
Treasure Cay Marina Shown Above

Parks: In 1994, the Bahamian government set aside 20,500 acres in Abaco to protect the northern breeding area of the Bahamas parrot (an endangered species). There are 4 national parks, including Pelican Cay's Land and Sea Park.

Sites to See:

  • The Albert Lowe Museum
  • Elbow Cay - Hope Town - Elbow Cay candy striped lighthouse built in 1863.
  • Wyannie Malone Museum and Garden
  • Dr. Evans Cottman House is a small castle-like building on top of a small hill in Marsh Harbour. This late doctor wrote a couple of books in this castle.


  • Annual Island Roots Heritage Festival (May)
  • Sandy Point Homecoming fest (June)
  • Annual North Abaco Summer Festival and Power Boat Race (June)
  • Junkanoo Summer Festival (June-July)
  • Christmas Festival (December)
  • Harbour Island (April) Briland Back yard Festival

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