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Weather in the Bahamas
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Month Ave. High Ave. Low
January 77 F 62 F
February 77 F 62 F
March 79 F 63 F
April 81 F 66 F
May 84 F 69 F
June 87 F 73 F
July 89 F 74 F
August 89 F 74 F
September 88 F 74 F
October 85 F 72 F
November 81 F 68 F
December 78 F 63 F

While on the island call 915 for weather forecast.

Hurrican Season officially begins on June 1st and ends November 30th. However, while I have owned our home on Long Island, we have only had a tropical storm in November 2007. While many houses and towns went underwater in the storm, I am happy to say, our house has no water and no damage. See for come clips of this storm.

Hurrican categories:

Category Wind Force
1 75 - 95 mph
2 96 - 110 mph
3 111 - 130 mph
4 131 - 155 mph
5 over 155 mph

Tropical storms: When the wind intensity measures between 40 and 75 miles per hour it is referred to as a tropical storm. When windes are under 40 miles an hour this is a Tropical depression.

Tide information:

Click here for a tide update on the Atlantic side of the island.

Or click here for a 7 day tide chart.




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