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Berry Islands, Bahamas

Landscape: Berry Islands is known for it's sportsfishing and are perfect for yachtsman. Chub Cay is the southernmost island in the Berry group. Facilities are minimal, but you can go for miles without encountering much on the island except a few lonely beaches.

The Berry islands were named so for the abundance of thatch berry trees located on the island. The Berry Islands are a chain of 30 islands and cays located just north of the island of Andros or 30 miles Northwest of Nassau.

Population: 709 (2000 census)


Language: English

Geography: 35 miles north of Nassau, New Providence.

Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time

Currency: The legal tender is the Bahamian dollar (B$1), which is equivalent in value to the US dollar. There are no banks in the Berry Islands.

Economy: Most of the residents of the Berry Islands live in Great Harbour Cay in Bullock's Harbour. This is where most of the tourism is.

Nationality: Bahamian

Medical: There is one San Salvador Medical Clinic north of Club med.

Entry Requirements: Passports required.

Driving: Bahamian's drive on the left side of the road (remember: right is left). There is one main road that runs all the way around the island.

Electricity: 120/240 volts, suitable for all US appliances.

Medical: There is a medical clinic on the island in Bullocks Harbour. There is a little poison oak on the Bahamian islands.

Getting to the Berry Islands:
Cat Island Air flies from Nassau to Great Harbour.
Island Express flies to Chub Cay from Ft. Lauderdale.

Mailboats: $60 one way.

Chub Cay 110 slips
Great Harbour Cay Marina 67 slips

Where to stay: There are a couple rooms for rent such as Ruth Adderley's or two story townhouses and a beachhouse. Nothing much in the means of hotels.

Drinking Water: Most homes have cisterns which collect rain water in a tank underground or above ground when it rains. Most cisterns are made of cement or plastic. It's always good to conserve the use of water when staying in the Bahamas as it can run out if it does not rain for awhile.

Weather in Chub Cay: Click here for weather in the Bahamas

Highest Point Berry Island: 80 feet

Area (Sq Miles) of Berry Islands: 12 sq miles

Developments in Berry Islands
: Chub Cay. Chub Cay will include 57 villas, ships store, dining, spa, expanded marina of 200 slips, village center, retail shops and a police station. A club marina mega yacht facility with a club house and marina and 75 resort/residential units total investment of about $120,000,000.

Fishing: The Berry Islands are known as the "Billfish" capital of the world.


  • Lobersterfest (August)
  • Berry Fest (June-July)

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