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Bonefishing or Deep Sea Fishing in
Long Island, Bahamas

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Bone fishing

Bone fishing is the best you will ever have it in Long Island. In other words, it does not get any better than this. Walk out about 20 feet on the beach in front of our villa and cast our your fishing line for bonefish. Our bay is one of the best places to catch bonefish in the entire Bahamas.

Bonefish feed in shallow water. So you can see their tails splash in the waters by our villa. Problem is as soon as you see them, they seem to disappear as fast as they came. So there is skill involved in catching these fish who live in the most beautiful waters in the world. Even though they weigh in at more than 12 pounds they are one of the strongest fighting fish in the ocean.

There is a Marine store in Salt Pond. They can give you more information on fishing.

Click here for fishing guides and gamefish chart









Below is a bonefish caught by one of our recent guests right outside DeBora's Dreamscape on the beach...


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