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Cave Exploration, Long Island Bahamas

There are many caves on Long Island. Make sure to wear your hiking shoes and bring along plenty of flashlights (one for backup). Bats do hang out in the caves. In the olden days, Long Islanders would use the back feces as fertilizer. They would go to the caves and scoop out the feaces in buckloads.

Here are a few of the Long Island Caves:

  1. Offering Tours is Hamilton' Cave. One of the Bahamas largest cave systems is located in Hamilton's. This cave has many passages which are a least 50 feet wide with a ceiling of 10 feet wide. It is one of the largest in the Bahamas. Look for a sign for tours of the cave as you make your way along Queens Hwy in Hamiltons. This is where many Lucayan artifact were discovered in 1935. For Cave Tours call (242) 337-0235
  2. Salt Pond has two caves. One is near Hillside Groceries. Park in this parking lot and walk to the path down the street on the right. The other is in Grotto Bay, it is a beautiful cave but hard to reach without trespassing on private property. The only way to get there is by boat. If you can get to the beach, follow the sign marked cave.

    (above taken in the Salt Pond cave: this stagmite has religious setiments to many Long Islanders)
  3. Stella Marais: Take the Stella Marais Inn exit off of Queens' highway and turn right at the sign marked, "the cave".
  4. Mortimers: This is the site of the Cartwright Duho Cave where 3 Lucayan duhos (ceremonial Stools) were found by Carlton Cartwright in 1988. Call Leonard Cartwright for a guided tour 242-337-0235
  5. Dunmore's Caves: has 2 tunnels. One tunnel leads to the ocean and had never been fully explored. You can view 2 old Indian drawings on the wall.
  6. Cartwright's Caves: Now on private property these caves were once used by the Lucayan Indians. Call Leonard Cartwright for a guided tour 242-337-0235
  7. Indian Hole Point: There is a cave on Indian Hole Point. Walk down the beach until you see a hill. Walk into the bush and the cave is into the side of the hill.
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