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Crooked Island, Bahamas

AKA = Fortune Island

Beautiful beaches, flamingos, and bat caves are the main reasons to visit Crooked Island. Remote and unspoiled this island has few facilities. Turtles nest here. The surrounding water is treacherous with many coral reefs which are not easily navigated, except by skilled seamen.

Crime: Crooked Island is virtually "crime free".

Population: 350 residents (2000 Census)

Capital: Cockburn Town

Language: English

Geography: 250 miles south east of Nassau.

Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time

Currency: The legal tender is the Bahamian dollar (B$1), which is equivalent in value to the US dollar. There are no banks in Crooked Island.

Economy: There is not much action going on in Crooked Island.

Nationality: Bahamian

Medical: There is one Landraoil Point Medical Clinic in Crooked Island. No tropical diseases exist on the island. There is a little poison oak on the Bahamian islands.

Entry Requirements: Passports required.

Driving: Bahamian's drive on the left side of the road (remember: right is left). There is one main road that runs a portion of hte northern part of Crooked island.

Electricity: 120/240 volts, suitable for all US appliances.

Getting to Crooked Island
Airports: Colonial Hill Airport
Take Bahamasair from Nassau.

Mailboats: Lady Mathilda $60 one way.

Where to stay: There is a bonefish lodge and a few vacation cottages.

Drinking Water: Most homes have sisterns which collect rain water in a tank underground or above ground when it rains. Most sisterns are made of cement or plastic. It's always good to conserve the use of water when staying in the Bahamas as it can run out if it does not rain for awhile.

Weather in Crooked Island: Click here for weather in the Bahamas

Highest Point of Crooked Island: 155 feet

Area (Sq Miles) of Crooked Island: 92 sq miles

Ferry: There is a ferry service available to go to Crooked Island from Acklin Island.

Points of Interest:

  • Bird Rock Lighthouse is 115 ft lighthouse built in 1876 to guide ships through the Crooked Island Passage. It is located one mile offshore from Pittstown Point.
  • Gun Bluff contains the ruins of a British fort (just east off of Pittstown Point). Stone was extracted from here to build the Bird Rock Lighthouse.
  • Bat Caves are located over 100 yards inland from Gordon's Bluff.



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