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Dean's Blue Hole
Long Island, Bahamas

Dean's Blue Hole is the deepest Blue Hole in the world (twice as deep as any other blue holes in the Caribbean), and the second largest underwater chamber. It is 663 feet deep or 203 meters and approximately 80 x 120 feet round (25 x 35m) at the surface. The hole then forms a neck about 60 feet (20 m) then widens again on the way down to a diameter of 330 ft (100m). It is enclosed on 3 sides by rock cliffs and on the third side is a turquoise lagoon. A powder white beach runs the coastline of the lagoon.
The blue hole is always calm. There are never any waves inside Dean's Blue Hole. Diving into the hole on a clear day is beyond words. It is like diving into a vast underwater cathedral. You will see a school of tarpon, friendly turtles and other tropical reef fish.

No one knows how the hole was formed. Most Blue Holes in the Caribbean are formed when limestone chambers caved in. Guesses state that perhaps two large limestone chambers were close together at the time of a caving.

Dean's Blue hole is also the site where the Freediving World Record was set in April 2009 byWilliam Trubridge. He freedived to earn medals in the 2009 AIDA World Championships in both disciplines, with bronze in CWT (110m, 360ft) and a new world record and gold medal in CNF (90m, 295 ft). His freedive consisted of holding his breath for over 3 minutes. William Trubridge gives lessons in Freediving on the island at Dean's Blue Hole through his company called Vertical Blue.

To get to the blue hole drive south on Queens until you pass the white and blue pillars and wall on the left. Take this road all the way to the end and turn right onto the smaller dirt road. It comes out at the hole.

What every one does know and agree on is that Dean's Blue hole is
one of the most extraordinary geological phenomenan's on Earth.
Top of Deans Blue Hole

For a scuba course of the blue hole click here for details.

Click here to view a drawing of the blue hole.

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