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Getting to Long Island, Bahamas

Note: Times of airlines change frequently, the times we listed are just rough estimates as what we have encountered while traveling. this website is built to be used by our customer's only renting our beachhouse on Long Island, Bahamas.

The airport in Nassau is very small. From personal experience, it has taken us an average of 15 to 20 minutes to clear customs and another 10 to get to our next gate to catch our connecting flight onto Long Island. Please note: this is our personal experience, it may take others more or less time.

If you are staying at our villa, are always happy to help you with your flights once your deposit is placed, simply e-mail us at info (at) bahamasbeachfrontvilla.com (no spaces).

By Air: There are two airports on Long Island.
1) Deadman's Cay (LGI) in the South and 2) Stella Marais (SML) in the North.

Deadman's Cay
(shown below)
Deadmans Cay Airport

The best way to get to the villa is to:

fly direct into Nassau, Bahamas, then catch a flight from Nassau to Stella Marais or Deadman's Cay, Long Island

* If you cannot make a connecting flight to Long Island, we have a friend who flies his personal plane from Nassau to Stella Marais for approx $165 each way. He typically flies out of Nassau between 3pm or 4pm. This is subject to his availability. If you want to use him, we can put you in contact with him after you send us your contract.


FT LAUDERDALE & MIAMI: most airlines, Choice (flys direct to Long Island) Spirit Air, Continental, American Airlines, Locair, Jet Blue, Bahamas Express, Trans-Caribbean Air, Air Tran, Over and Under Aviation, Noble Air Charter out of OpaLocka Airpor (Miami - flys direct to Long Island). Fly direct with Miami City Flights.

ORLANDO: Jet Blue, Bahamasair, American Airlines

WEST PALM BEACH: Silver Airlines

CHARLOTTE NC: US Airways, United Airlines

CHICAGO, IL: United Airlines

ATLANTA: Delta Airlines, Air Tran

LAS VEGAS: Delta Airlines, Jet Blue

PHILADELPHIA: US Airways, Bahamasair, United Airlines

NYC KENNEDY: Delta Airlines, US Airways, Jet Blue, Continental Airlines

NYC LAGUARDIA: Delta Airlines, US Airways, Jet Blue, Continental Airlines

BOSTON: US Airways, Jet Blue, United Airlines

TORONTO: West Jet Airlines


BALTIMORE: US Airways, Bahamasair

MINNEAPOLIS: Delta, American Airlines, Air Tran, US Airways,

Click here for a brief Route Map:


Then take a flight from Nassau to Long Island:

SouthernAir ,
Island Wings (Marty Fox) - (242) 338-2022,
Stella Maris Air Service - (242) 338-2050 approximately $165+ tax per person one way.
Island Connection (Freddie Adderley) - (242) 338-8273
BahamasAir also flies to Long Island but we do not recommend them as our renters always have complaints and seem to be treated rudely by their staff.


Major Airlines:

American Airlines flies to Nassau from Ft Lauderdale - FL, Miami - FL. (then take Pineapple Air or Southern Air to Deadman's cay, Long Island).

Bahamas Express - (Reggie Air)
FAX: 954-356-1173
Flys direct from Ft. Lauderdale, FL to Stella Marais, Long Island, Bahamas for approx $259.

Another airline that we do NOT recommend taking is BahamasAir. We have had to many unsatisified renters take this airlines. Among the many complaints are late flights and delays, many extra unforseen charges that people are unprepared for. Our customers being treated like criminals when it is BahamasAir's fault for being late. However, if you don't have any other options, Bahamas Air offers direct flights from most major US cities to Long Island. 800-222-4262 or 242-377-8451 daily flights from many US cities. 242-337-0877 Deadman's cay, 242-338-2015 Stella Marais

Continental Airlines flies direct into Exuma or Nassau from several cities including Detroit, MI (then take a private plane (see above) or Bahamas Air, SouthernAir , or Sky Bahamas to Deadman's cay or Stella Marais, Long Island).

flies direct into Nassau from several cities including Atlanta, GA (then take Bahamas Air or SouthernAir to Deadman's cay, Long Island).

Choice Airlines flies direct from Fort Lauderdale to Stella Marais Tuesdays and Saturdays
9 seat aircraft, $490 per person both ways or $340 one way
954 415 5051
Choice 954-840-6739 or 954-351-2003
1. What time are you suppose to check in?
We are asking that the passengers forward their passport information at least a day in advance of their departure date, so that you would not need to be at the airport no earlier than an hour before the flight.
2. When would we like payment?
We would like payment seven days before your departure date. You can pay on the date of departure but that will be if there are any available seats. Reservations can be made at anytime but your payment will not be processed until three days before the departure date(if paying by credit card). You are allowed 60 lbs of luggage then $2.25 per pound after that.
3. Is your return flight confirmed?
Your return flight will be confirmed before you depart Fort Lauderdale.
4.What if there are not nine passengers?
Because of the uniqueness of the aircraft, if nine passengers are not available we have enough capacity to carry cargo into Long Island to still allow our presence to be seen.

Spirit Air:
Cheap flights from Fort Lauderdale to Nassau. Typically Spirit Air leaves around 10:40 am and arriving into Nassau by 11:40 am so you can catch the 2:00 pm flight on Pineapple Air or Southern Air to Long Island.

flies from Nassau to Deadman's Cay, Long Island or Stella Marais Long Island.
Call GHI Travel :(242) 323-7217/323-6833/338-8424/323-6833
242-337-1722 Deadman's Cay, 242-338-2095 Stella Marais
Nassau to Deadman's Cay M,W,Th,Sat 7am or Sunday at 2:00pm.
Nassau to Stella Marais: M,W,F 7am or M,W,F,Sun at 2:00pm.
They allow a total of 40 lbs. Over 40lbs is .40 cents per pound.
Stella Marais: 242-377-3355 Flights from Exuma (GGT) to Long Island (SML) approx. $94 one way.

Air Sunshine:
charter from FLL to Long Island. 1-800-327-8900

Sky Bahamas:
1-242-327-8993 or 1-242-327-0250
Flights from Nassau to Stella Marais (STM) daily. Most flights are early in the morning however, on Friday and Sunday's Sky Bahamas leaves at 3:00pm from Nassau. Tuesdays at 2pm. $210 round trip with one layover in Georgetown.

Sol Hern Air:
Departs Nassau M,W, TH, F Sat 7am, and 2:30 Friday and Sunday.

US Airways flies direct into Nassau from several cities including Charolette -NC, Washington D.C., Orlando - FL, or Philadelphia -PA (then take Bahamas Air or SouthernAir to Deadman's cay, Long Island).

Charter Airlines:

Air Charter Bahamas:
866-359-4752 offers charter services.

Cat Island Air:
private charter

Clear Air 242-377-0161 from Nassau to Deadmans Cay, Long Island three times a week.

Island Air:
800-444-9904 or
from Ft Lauderdale

Island Express:
US Ticket Counter: 954.359.6953
In the United States: 954.359.0380
From Ft Lauderdale

Island Wings: Stella Marais

Island Connection: 242-472-8168

Cat Island Air:
private charter

Over and Under Aviation
ph - (305) 852-8015

Stella Marais Charter Flight: 242-338-2050-3 ask for Patrice or Joel. About $130 each way from and to Nassau. Flies up to 3:30pm from Nassau to Ft. Lauderdale.

Trans-Caribbean Air - Chuck Lincoln (service from Miami and Fort Lauderdale)
Toll Free- (888) 239-2929
email: bahamascharter@aol.com

Idea: you can fly Exuma direct via Continental then take a private planes from Exuma run approx $300. for the entire plane (which holds up to 6 people).
You can contact the following Piolets:
Marty Fox 242- 357 - 1021
Freddie Adderley 242- 472 - 8168


MIAMI CITY FLIGHTS has a two cabin class twin usually in 7 passenger (max 9 pax) config toddlers below two years of age, can travel in an adults lap! Max payload for this flight is 1400 lbs for one and 1600 lbs for the other aircraft. Charter rate for each way is a little less than $2500.-. bahamas in/out fees are 150.- each time. per pax departure fees $29.-.
U.S. round trip fees are 42.-/pers
15000 nw 44th Ave
Opa Locka, Fl. 33054ph: 305 861 0077
242 422 7362 (when in the Bahamas)fax: 305 914 2417website: AIRCHARTERMIAMI.COM e-mail: AIRSWISS1@GMAIL.COM


Lowest Fares:

For the lowest airfares available to Nassau, check out the following websites:

From the US to Nassau, Orbitz.com.

From London to Nassau, JustTheFlight.com or flights.airlinecodes.co.uk .

From Canada to Nassau, SkySkanner.com.

By Private Plane:
If you are flying in by private plane, make sure to fill out all the necessary paperwork. You can find the Ministry of Touism's website by clicking here. This site will give you all the info you will need regarding flying into the Bahamas.

By Private Boat:
There are several marina's on the island. A fee of $150 is payable for entry for boats 35 feet and under and $300 for boats 36 feet and over. this fee is valid for 2 entries during a 90 day period. This includes government taxes and fishing permits for 4 persons. Each additional person is charged $15. Upon arrival at the port of entry, visitors must clear customs and Immigration. the flying of a yellow quarantine flag will notify customs of your arrival. Until teh vessel is cleared no one expect the ccaptain is allowed ot leave the boat. Contact Bahamas Ministry of Tourism at 242-326-4357 for details.

Bahamas Ports of Entry via Private Vessels: Stella Marais Marina and Clarence Town

Bahamas Ports of Entry via Cargo: Stella Marais, Clarence Town, Salt Pond.

  • 1) Harding's Supplies Center Salt Pond, Long Island
    Tel: 242-337-3333
    Fuel, water available, as well as some repairs. Four berths only. Very close by villa.
  • 2) Alligator's Bay: The second closest to the villa and the newest is in Alligator's Bay.
    Marina Coordinates: Latitude 23.27 – Longitude 75.14 VHF Channel 16 “Alligator Bay
  • 3) Flying Fish Marina: 242-337-3430 Located in Clarence Town accommodates boats up to 140 ft in length with up to a 7 1/2 foot draft. Generally they cater to motor yachts and sportfishing. Fifteen or Eighteen slips.
    Marina Coordinates: Latitude 23° 6" 16' Longitude -74° 57" 45'
    Flying Fish Marina Bahamas

  • 4) Stella Marais Marina: Small full service marina. Located on the northern end of Long Island. 15 or 16 Slips. Maximum 4.5 to 7ft.
    Marina Coordinates: 23° 33.3’ N / 75° 16.4’ W Coordinates of approach channel marker/buoy: 23° 33.1’ N / 75° 18.2’ W
  • 5) Simms Dock: Marina Coordinates: Latitude 23° 28" 40'
    Longitude -75° 15" 18'
  • 6) Clarence Town Dock: 242-357-1004 five berths. Henry Major (dockmaster) Fuel and water for private boaters.
    Coordinates: Latitude 23° 6" 11' Longitude -74° 57" 43'

    If you fly into Exuma: These boat captains can bring you to Long Island by boat.
    Graeme Cartwright

If you fly into Exuma: These boat captains can bring you to Long Island by boat:

TJ's Boat Rental and Guide Services
. Presley Pinder, born and raised in Long Island, Presley knows every inch of this beautiful paradise. Specializing in Bonefishing, Reef fishing, deep sea fishing, snorkeling, tours, Island Hopping and regatta cruises.
(242) 472-0436 cell or (242) 338-8978 or (242) 464-2972
E-mail: tjsboatrental@hotmail.com

Graeme Cartwright

By Mailboat:
https://www.munsonshipping.com/schedule.html for Island Link
Island Link 242-422-3598 or 242-338-7063 sails Mondays arrives Tuesdays 4pm in Salt Pond

Mia Dean 242-393-1064 arrives into Clarencetown. Leaves Nassau Tuesday for Wednesday arrival. Fare approx $45.

The Island Link mailboat departs Nassau and arrives into Salt Pond close by the villa. Settlements it delivers to: Salt Pond, Deadman's Cay, Seymour's. Takes one night/2 days. Catch in Salt Pond across from Tourist Bureau (yellow building).
Departs from Nassau. Call number listed below for exact times.
Frequency: Once a week
Sailing Time: 12-14 hours
Fare: approx. $95 per person or $200 car

For Mailboat schedules Telephone: (242) 393-1064
Island Link Mailboat to Long Island

Accomodations inside the mailboat shown below.
Please note: The bathroom phycilities are very smelly and not advised.
Cars can also make the trip from Nassau to Long Island on this Bahamian Mailboat.

Island Link Mailboat to Long Island Bahamas Mailboat to Long Island
sleeping quarters
Snack/Sitting Area

Sherice M leaves Nassau 5pm on Monday takes 15 hours to reach Salt Pond, Long Island (8am - Tuesday) and is $45. Or leaves Long Island Thursday 11am.
WINE? You can call our Salt Pond Wine store direct and have them order wine for you at 242-338-0016 ask for Kim Cartwright.

Or have your wine delivered on the Island Link mailboat from a wine store in Nassau called Bristol Wine and Spirits call 242-601-9300 - they will need for you to fill out an order form in advance. Island Link delivers to Salt Pond on Tuesdays. Deliveries can be picked up at the blue warehouse building across the street from the dock.
Click here to get Big Cargo and Freight to Long Island.
map of long island bahamas
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