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Little Inagua and Great Inagua, Bahamas

Landscape: Little Inagua and Great Inagua are shrub and cacti covered islands that receive few tourists. There are few beaches but the island has the most flamingos in the western hemisphere. Little Inagua is uninhabited. Wild horses and burrows outnumber humans on the island. Little Inagua is populated by wild donkeys, rare heron, ducks, goats and flamingos.

Crime: Long Island is virtually "crime free". There is a police station on the island, however, the locals will tell you that police are not needed. This is the only Bahamian island that we know of that will not accept Haitians visiting or living on the island - because they do not want any crime coming with them to the island.

Population: 969 Bahamians (2000 Census)

Language: English

Geography: 325 miles from Nassau and just above Cuba by 50 miles.

Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time

Currency: The legal tender is the Bahamian dollar (B$1), which is equivalent in value to the US dollar. Both US and Bahamian dollars are accepted interchangeably throughout the islands.

Economy: There is basically only one thing going on in Great and Little Inagua and that is the salt industry. There is one salt factory which gives tours on the island. Great Inagua is the home of Morton Salt Works the second-largest solar saline plant in North America with 34,000 acres.

Nationality: Bahamian

Entry Requirements: Passports required.

Driving: Bahamian's drive on the left side of the road (remember: right is left). There is not much for roads in the Inagua's.

Internet: none

Electricity: 120/240 volts, suitable for all US appliances.

Medical: There is a medical clinic on the island by Cartwright. Hence her reason for buying on this island.

Getting to Little Inagua and Great Inagua...
Airports: Matthew Town Airport
Take Bahamasair from Nassau.

Mailboats: Abilin $60 one way.

Where to stay: There are no hotels so look for rental beachhouses on your next vacation.

Weather in Great Inagua and Little Inagua: Click here for weather in the Bahamas

Highest Point Great Inagua: 120 feet
Little Inagua: 99 feet

Area (Sq Miles) of Great Inagua: 596 sq miles
Area (Sq Miles) of Little Inagua: 49 sq miles

Great Iguana Nation Park: 1Created in 1965 this 287 square mile Inagua National Park protects a breeding colony of over 50,000 (or 80,000 according to Island Pages) West Indian Flamingos, one of the largest in this hemisphere. This park covers about 50% of the island.

Airport: Matthew Town on Great Inagua.


  • Inagua Saltyfest (August)

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