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Long Island, Bahamas
a memorable Caribbean vacation
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This Website is designed exclusively for our beachhouse guests.
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Long Island has it all. From calm waters and miles of sandy beaches on the Caribbean western side to Atlantic breeze's and crashing waves from cliffs on the eastern side of Long Island. Waters all around the island look like pure turquoise gems with cays just off shore to amuse even the most experiences diver or scuba enthusiast. Virtually undiscovered by the tourists, this beautiful island is still unscathed. View caves, picturesque villages and towns, and old ruins. From any angle you are on the island, you will be able to see the soft sand beaches merging into iridescent azure water a panorama of stunningly beautiful landscape.

Long Island is known as the most scenic of all the Bahamian Islands. Covered with rocky limestone, hills, and several inlets and creeks on its western hemisphere and salt water ponds through out the island.

If you are our guest, we would be happy to put together a full week itinerary for you. We will simply have you answer a few questions for us via an email questionnaire. Simply let us know and we will take care of everything.


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