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Please note: Many restaurants are closed in August and September.

best restaurant locations long island bahamasAdderley PointGlintonWemyssPindersPettysDunbar
We highly suggest to plan dinner around 6:00pm. This seems to be the eating times for locals.
After 8:30 everything seems to close down unless you have reservations.
It is best to make reservations which are appreciated by the restaurants.

Adderley Point:  

Atlantic HydeAway Restaurant & Lounge 337-1055

Dew drop Inn Restaurant & Bar: 337-0044 by order. Cash only.

Burnt Ground:

Pratt's Restaurant: 242-338-7051 Known for Bahamian seafood and native dishes.
>DeBora's Dreamscape Guest Review - I think it would be better to take this one out of
your recommendations, because plenty people have been disappointed. The food was very moderate but expensive, the boss was drunk and his wife served us each 1 small but dry piece of chicken and salad for 15,-- US Dollar each. While we were there he was treating his own native people (customers) bad and ... Sorry for saying that but you would damage your own image if you would continue to have him on your list. He used to be nice when tourists came there only once, after that it seems that he loses the needed respect. – Barbara

Playboy Club Bar:

Two Sisters Restaruant: 338-7008 Specializes in Native Dishes. Mon-Sat 8-3 and 6-10 pm, closed Sundays.

Zia's takeaway: 242-338-7073 Lunch. Cash Only.

Cabbage Point : Red Door Restaurant: 337-2528
Cape Santa Maria:

Cape Santa Maria: reservations are preferred breakfast, lunch and dinner are served.
>DeBora's Dreamscape Guest Review = I had a great lunch and dinner here. The people were friendly and the beach is spectacular.
>DeBora's Dreamscape Guest Review =Skip it! Cindy and Duane


Borderline Takeaway: 337-0143 Breakfast/Lunch cash only.

Hillside Tavern and Bar: loud music is played.

Ounce's Hot Spot Restaurant & Bar: 242-337-0215

Clarence Town:

Harbour Rest Restaurant Bar and Satellite Lounge: 242-227-3247. Overlooks the harbour in Clarence town with seafood, sandwiches and native dishes. Lunch/Dinner

Le Pon: 242-337-3766 Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner Cash Only. Shown below.

Le Pon Bahamas Restaurant

Oasis Bakery and Restaurant: 242-337-3003 overlooking a small pond offers fresh bread, pastries and cookies great for breakfast or lunch.

Outer Edge Grill: 242-337-3445 Lunch/Dinner Credit Cards accepted.
>DeBora's Dreamscape Guest Review - Had lunch - excellent. Robin M (Wisconsin) and Jen C (South Carolina)

Skieta's OK Bar: where the local's hang.

Rowdy Boyz Bar and Grill: 242-337-3062 A newer restaurant looking over the Atlantic. Clean and Classy. Great for burgers and pasta. Shown below. Rowdy Boys

Rowdy Boyz Restaurant Bahamas
>DeBora's Dreamscape Guest Review = Nice newer atmosphere, great views of the ocean and clean. I ordered Lobster but was not aware they meant Lobster soup. It was too spicy for me and not like the regular lobster I was hoping to eat.

Winter Haven Restaurant: 242-337-0764 Lunch/Dinner Credit Cards accepted.

Deadman's Cay:

Dew Drop Inn Restaurant & Bar:242-337-0044.
Snack Corner for sandwiches, desserts and snacks.

The Hot Spot restaurant and bar: owner Colin
>DeBora's Dreamscape Guest Review=
That's where all the beautiful go--it's down toward Deadmans---it's native -it was great- their specialty for desert is guava duff. - Allan

Seaside Village at Jerry Wells: 242-337-0119 Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner Happy Hour Friday. Cash Only. Mon - Sat 7:30 am - 10 pm, Sunday 10am - 10pm
Kenneth Cartwright <> This restaurant is off the beaten path of Queens Highway, but a must see. It is a few miles north of the Deadman's Cay airport. A sigh will lead the way to the lee-ward side of the island. Follow this road until you get to the water. Seaside Village is a floating bar. Missy the goat will greet you. She wears a bell collar with a chain around her neck to keep her from walkin gover the Jerry's cousins house where she likes to eat his shubbery. Iron the Osprey will come in to pick up your food scraps from Jerry as he hand feeds this bird he raised from a baby.
>DeBora's Dreamscape Guest Review = If you are thirsty on a Sunday when EVERYTHING is closed, Letta's bar isn't. Melissa & Max - New Jersey
>DeBora's Dreamscape Guest Review =
Worth the visit. Good food and friendly. Cindy & Duane

Max Conch Bar and Grill: (242)337-0056 This roadside dive housed in a quaint Bahamian Conch Shack specializes in cracked conch at an outdoor kiosk with bar stools and tables. We are told they have the best conch salad on the island. Lunch/Dinner. Cash Only. Closed Sundays.
>DeBora's Dreamscape Guest Review = Excellent conch salad & fritters. The proprietor, Gary, says conch is an aphrodisiac. David and Lauren A.
>DeBora's Dreamscape Guest Review =
If you haven't been to Max's for the conch salad, you haven't been to Long Island. John and Jody, Alabama

>DeBora's Dreamscape Guest Review = Loved the conch salad, it's a little spicy with the small amount of hot peppers. The owner is a nice guy! DeBora

Moonglow Bar:

Palm Tree Souse House: 242-337-0023 Wooden shack serving sheep's tongue and other Bahamian dishes.

Sierra's Club Snack Bar: 242-337-1010 almost on the runway of the airport. Serve Bahamian dishes. Lunch. Cash Only. New owners in 2009.

Twilight Club Bar: 242-337-1076


Red Door Restaurant & Bar: ( 242)337-2528 By Order Cash Only.

Sweet P Restaurant & Bar: ( 242)337-3478


Barbies Ice Cream:( 242)338-5009 Ice cream parlor and restaurant.

Alfreds Restaurant Bar and Ice Cream: (242) 338- 5009
>DeBora's Dreamscape Guest Review = Alfred's Restaurant was ok. – Barbara



Guana Cay:  
Hamilton's: Coco's Restaurant and Lounge: CLOSED and FOR SALE with native dishes. Lunch/Dinner Credit Cards accepted. 337-6242 >DeBora's Dreamscape Guest Review = I had the basic chicken and it was basic, just like anything you'd find in the US - normal. Not bad atmosphere.

Earlies Hillside Tavern: 242-337-1628
Hard Bargain: Da Danz Club: Right before HardBargain in Morrisville is Da Danz Club. Known for native food dishes such as native mutton and wild boar and breakfast. 242-337-3226.
Hog Cay:  
Lockabar Bay:  
Mangrove Bush: Hillside Tavern: 242-337-1628 bar is full of trophies from past local sailing regattas. It is also a small restaurant serving Bahamian dishes and deep fried foods.

Kooter's Restaurant and Tavern:
242-337-0340 directly on the water with a casual environment. Known for it's conch burger.

King's Bay Resort: serves Bahamian Dishes in a casual dining room with a deck. Kingsley Edgecombe is the owner. 338-8945 Call first.

Club Washington: Right up the road from our villa. Club Washington is a restaurant/bar. It is normally very loud but they serve great home cooked meals such as fried Grouper with rice. (242) 338 8797 Breakfast/Lunch Dinner. Cash Only.
>DeBora's Dreamscape Guest Review = Had excellent chicken, burgers and coleslaw (great prices). Sherry C and Steve Z.
>DeBora's Dreamscape Guest Review = The mother/owner can cook! I would eat anything she put on my plate! Dine in the back where it is less noisy. DeBora

>DeBora's Dreamscape Guest Review = very good. Cindy and Duane


Forest Restaurant: MOVED. A lively bar made of seashells with live bands on Fridays popular with the local youth. Many believe Forest serves the island's finest cracked conch. Lunch/ Dinner Cash only
>DeBora's Dreamscape Guest Review =
We had an excellent meal at Forest Bar and Grill, which I had not seen suggested before. Best lobster I've ever had and good old rock and roll 60s-70s music. Fun. - Dana

>DeBora's Dreamscape Guest Review =
Excellent meal.The Berry Family Portland, OR

forest restaurant

***Chez Pierre: Voted #2 in the Bahamas for 'best restaurant'. Dreamscape's owners favorite restaruant. Pierre came to Long Island from Canada to start this restaurant. The restaurant offers a mix of French, Italian and Caribbean cuisine using island-grown fresh produce and fresh fish and seafood from Long Island waters. The only downfall is that the restaurant is powered by alternative energy so if the sun or wind are not at their optimum, you may be eating by candlelight (which could be romantic) bring a flashlight to make your way down to your car. Directions: Driving north from Dreamscape, once you reach Simm's watch for the sign 'Chez Pierre' on the left. Follow this dirt road for what seems like miles until you see a sign reading Chez Pierre, then turn right. You will round a corner and the restaurant will be on your left. Say "Hi" to Sam, Pierre's very friendly yellow Labrador retriever. Closed August and September. Reservations Required. Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner credit cards accepted. 242-338-8809
>DeBora's Dreamscape Guest Review = If you want to dine at Chez Pierre do NOT forget to make a reservation. He's a total jerk if you don't
. - Robin and Jen
>DeBora's Dreamscape Guest Review = He was a total jerk the first time I met him, after that he has been very cordial. The food is the BEST!-
>DeBora's Dreamscape Guest Review = It seemed like the owner at Chez Pierre practically bent over backwards for us and even took a reservation outside of normal serving hours! -
>DeBora's Dreamscape Guest Review = We really enjoyed Pierre at Chez Pierre. The food is excellent and we ended up there 16 nights. But, your guests should be forewarned. Don’t go if you don’t have a sense of humor. - Tom R.
>DeBora's Dreamscape Guest Review = Chez Pierre serves delicious seafood and pasta. Sherry C and Steve Z.
>DeBora's Dreamscape Guest Review =Can this guy get any meaner?
>DeBora's Dreamscape Guest Review = Very nice Guy, Encellent Food. Cindy and Duane
>DeBora's Dreamscape Guest Review = Pierre is charming, disregard other comments.. Kelly and Terry
>DeBora's Dreamscape Guest Review = Over priced and under executed dinner at Chez Pierre... Robert

Morrisville: Da-Danz Restaurant & Bar: 337-3226
Mortimers: Midway Restaurant & Bar:
Newton Cay:  
O'Neils: Crossroads Restaurant: 338-8052
Roses: Carpenter's Arms:
Salt Pond:

Long Island Breeze Restaurant: Designed for people who come in off of their sailboat, this restaurant has showers in the lower portion for boaters. The area this restaurant is located in is very busy because it is located right next to the mail boat landing and this is typically the busiest area probably on the entire island. This restaurant is a new building built by a married couple (he is from the UK, she is an Americans (not locals in other words). Dinners run approx. $40. (with tip). which is more expensive for this island. The food here is not typical Bahamian food (due to the owners not being Bahamian) and portions are normally smaller than most Bahamian restaurants. The atmosphere is very clean and very nice. You will typically not find the locals hanging out here, it is more designed for people coming in off of their own boat. Open 8 am to 2 pm for breakfast/lunch downstairs, and upstairs form 2:00 to 9:30 or 10 whenever there are no longer people in the place. Internet available if you purchase a dinner there. Wednesday is Bahamian night. 338-0170 or 0171 Call for reservations. Long Island Breeze made history when it installed the first ever elevator on Long Island.
>DeBora's Dreamscape Guest Review = Jackie and Michael were great hosts for meals and stories. The Berry Family
>DeBora's Dreamscape Guest Review = Food was good, very small portion to other restaurants. Locals do not hang around here very often. People coming off of their sailboat, tourists or winter residences are the hang-outs here so you won't experience typical island living in this restaurant. Loved the decor and the owners are fabulously fun. DeBora

Souside Bar & Grill: 338-0177 lunch

Scrub Hill: The Swamp Thing: Owned by friendly Mr. Adderly and his son, this bar/restaurant makes one major serving of food each day and once it is sold out, it is gone for the day. However, the bar is always open.
>DeBora's Dreamscape Guest Review = It's the only restaurant we could find open on Sunday. Really good local food. Just outside of Deans. - Kelly and Terry
>DeBora's Dreamscape Guest Review = I loved hearing the stories about his family working in the Salt factory when it was on the island. DeBora

Just north of Simms: PND's Candy Kitchen: is a small bar located at Deal's Beach.

***Blue Chip: casual restaurant. Mario Simms is the owner/cook. It's a blue building right when you enter into Simms by the huge rubber tree. Prices are beyond reasonable. Host/owner, Mario is a gem of a good guy and a decendant of the founders of the name of the town Simms. Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

>DeBora's Dreamscape Guest Review = Ask what the special of the day is. Although it was not listed Mario offered me 5 pieces of fried grouper fish, 4 large lobster, and a large bowl of brown rice and two Pepsi's. All for only $8. What a steal. The place was not very well kept inside, but there is a private dining room that seats 8 off to the front. My father picked up a guitar that was against the wall and strummed a tune, before we knew it the locals joined in with a keyboard, guitar, and someone playing a saw with a screwdriver. The locals said on occasion they get a jamboree going- DeBora
>DeBora's Dreamscape Guest Review = Regarding native food we made our best experiences in Simms
at the "Blue Chip" - fair price for very good food! Mario never changed since we know him (more than 15 years) and we still will very appreciate his company for the future! – Barbara

Anita's Takeaway: 338-8277

Stella Marais: Stella Marais Restaurant: good for a hearty breakfast/light lunch/Dinner. They also serve native and continental cuisine. Credit Cards Accepted.

Pot Cakes Bar: 242-338-5009 next to the Stella Marais Marina with a bar and upscale restaurant at night.
The Bight Midway Restaurant & Bar: 242-337-7345 Lunch/Dinner Cash Only.
Thompson Bay:

Parrots of the Caribbean Bahamian Village Bar and Grill:

bahamian Village Long Island Bahamas

Just a quick walk from the villa (across the road - look for the sign), CLOSED hopefully this is temporary. Call first 242-338-0828
>DeBora's Dreamscape Guest Review = We enjoyed the Bahamian Village/Pirates of the Caribbean tiki bar and grill. Great people there and clean!...It was so close! - Jen
>DeBora's Dreamscape Guest Review = Cheryl and her friends at the Bahamian Village were extremely friendly to us. - Sherri
>DeBora's Dreamscape Guest Review = So close yet, when we wanted to get some peace and quite, we went back to DeBora's Dreamscape. Not a place to go if you want solitude - the television and music were too loud. Good US food though. Burgers and fries were excellent.

Thompson Bay Restaurant and Bar: Located just to the left of our villa's road on Queen's Hwy. Wonderful food, try the sampler platter where you will receive more food than you can eat for a price you can more than afford. Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner and Happy Hour. Sometimes you can catch a live disco going on. Cash only. 338-0151 >DeBora's Dreamscape Guest Review = Owner and cook, Thifena will take care of you, tell her DeBora sent you. The food is good and you get plenty of it if you order the special.

best restaurants long island bahamas

best restaurants bahamas