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Rum Cay, Bahamas
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ISLANDS magazine
July/August 2007

Landscape: A small island with beautiful beaches. Port Nelson has been the only settlement but there is a development in the works for Rum Cay. It is about 9 miles by 5 miles (45 square miles).

Population: Approximately less than 150 Bahamians.

Language: English

Geography: Just south of San Salvador and 185 miles east of Nassau lies Rum Cay.

Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time

Currency: The legal tender is the Bahamian dollar (B$1), which is equivalent in value to the US dollar.

Economy: There is not much action going on in Rum Cay, just a relaxing unspoiled nature type of time..

Nationality: Bahamian

Medical: There is a little poison oak on the Bahamian islands.

Entry Requirements: Passports required.

Driving: Bahamian's drive on the left side of the road (remember: right is left). There is not much to see past the main town so you may be better off on foot.

Electricity: 120/240 volts, suitable for all US appliances.

Getting to Rum Cay.
Airports: Private airstrip in Port Nelson with no scheduled flights.
This may change with the new Rum Cay development Rock Resort coming in 2010.

Mailboats: MV Lady Fransis $60 one way.

Summer Point Marina. 18 slips 252-357-1000
Rum Cay Resort Marina 80 slips 242-667-3000

Where to stay: Currently very few accommodations until the development of Rock Resort arrives.

Drinking Water: Most homes have cisterns which collect rain water in a tank underground or above ground when it rains. Most cisterns are made of cement or plastic. It's always good to conserve the use of water when staying in the Bahamas as it can run out if it does not rain for awhile.

Weather in Rum Cay: Click here for weather in the Bahamas

Highest Point Rum cay: 130 feet

Area (Sq. Miles) of Rum Cay: 30 sq. miles

Developments: 900 acres of Rum Cay is set to be developed called Rock Resort. With a hotel set to open in 2010, this development has run into some legal "who owns the land" issues. Which also lead to arguments with the locals. The site plan includes a practice golf course, a gated entry and marina with ocean lots and hilltop estates for sale.


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