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Shipwreck Bahamas

What happened: In 2006, this freighter ship, owned by the Dominican Republic, had engine failure. The crew, unable to get the engine started, signaled a mayday to the Crooked Island Coast Guard. The Coast Guard sent over a helicopter to check out the situation. They noticed the ship floating back and forth between the islands of Rum Cay and the town of Stella Marais in Long Island. The crew aboard the ship was dedicated and committed to staying on the ship until they did everything in their power to save it. The freighter was without an engine for 5 or 6 days. The Crooked Island Coast Guard sent over another ship to try to tow the Dominican Republic ship to safety. Unable to tow the ship, the rescue ship had to cut the cords and watch as the freighter flung itself onto the hard coral shores of Long Island. The Dominican Republic sailors then simply jumped off the ship wearing their full gear and life jackets. No one was hurt but over time the sharp coral and waves twisted and turned the ship until it was a heap of rubble as it stands today.

.shipwreck long island caribbean

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Grounded in 2006 due to a faulty engine.

shipwreck Long Island

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