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Wedding locations on Long Island, Bahamas.

* The beach - the beach in front of our beach house is private and large.
* The front yard with a beautiful view of the turqouise waters.
* Click here for a list of churches.

Legal Requirements:
Anyone wishing to marry while in Long Island, Bahamas please note these legal requirements:

Application of Marriage: Both couples must be in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas at the moment of the application and have been there for no less than 24 hours before the application.

- If either person is unmarried, you must certify a declaration of this fact to be sworn before a Notary Public or other authorized person to administer oaths in the Bahamas and it must accompany the application for a marriage license.

-Each person wishing to be married must show some form of government issued photo ID. It must be issued by the government of the country in which each person resides, such as a driver's license or passport. You will also need your birth certificate to be shown.

- Each person will need proof of their arrival date of when they entered the Bahamas such as the immigration entry form that is required to be filled out upon arrival.

- In Long Island you need to go to the local Government Administrator in Clarence Town for the application and to be interviewed by the Administrator. Wedding can be preformed by the Administrator for $150.00 in his office or he can be taken elsewhere for $300. Don't forget services are available from Ministers of various denominations also if wanted. Click here for a list of churches.

- On Long Island it is the Commissioner's Office. The number to call is 1.242.337.3030

Caterer: Just about any restaurant on Long Island would be happy to cater your occasion. Simply call them and ask if they are interested. Click here for a list of restaurants. The type of food you would like determines which restaurant to go to. Max's Conch bar has done many weddings before - they are more casual food. Pierre's has also catered weddings - they are fancier food entries. Our suggestion is to read the reviews in the restaurant guide to help you determine your taste.

Divorced: If you are divorced, you must present the original divorce papers. - If either couple has been married before and divorced, the original final divorce decree or a court certified copy must be on hand to be shown.

Marriage Blood Test: It is not necessary to have a blood test.

Marriage Fees: - The present marriage license fee is $100.00 (Please check as this could change at any time). If never married there is a notoay fee for affidavit swearing Spinstership or Bachelorhood of $20.00

Minimum Marriage Age in the Bahamas = 18 without parental consent.

Widowed: If either person is widowed, and original copy or certified copy of the death certificate must be on hand and shown.

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